Active protection of the western barbastelle in selected forest areas in Poland

Why is the project needed?
Man-transformed forests do not offer enough number of suitable roosts for western barbastelle bat (day roosts, nursery roosts). Bird and bat boxes hung in forests (imitating natural hollows) do not meet the habitat requirements of western barbastelle bat because it prefers roosts in crevices located in trunks and under bark. Also there are no effective methods to monitor population dynamics of the species.

How will the project address these challenges?
We propose two methods of improving the situation of western barabstelle bat in commercial forests: hanging crevice bat-boxes (immediate) and changing the way of forest management (long term). Bat-boxes combined with acoustic monitoring will be also the methods to monitore population dynamics of the species. Practical guide for conservation of western barbastelle bat created during project will help to achieve the long term

What does the project plan to achieve?
The result of the project will be an improvement in the state of protection and knowledge of the western barbastelle population and the implementation of management plans for 12 protected areas.

Who is expected to benefit from this project and how will they benefit?
A handbook on practical protection of the western barbastelle will be addressed to foresters, while information about the project and the need to protect bats will be provided to the general public.